Few Calls on Atwater to Drop Out of Education Superintendent Race

LUGOFF: Sheri Few, who finished a close third in this week’s Republican Primary for State Superintendent of Education, said that Sally Atwater is clearly not prepared to take on Molly Spearman in the June 24th Runoff Election and called on her to step down to allow Few to run in her place.
“Sally’s Wednesday interview with Russ Cassell on WORD Radio was an embarrassment and it’s clear to anyone who listens to her remarks that she is woefully unprepared for the job and will clearly lose the runoff to Spearman,” Few said in a Wednesday interview with WORD’s Bob McLain. “If Molly Spearman wins the runoff election both major parties nominations will be held by liberals who support Common Core and that’s an unacceptable situation.”
“I’ve asked Sally to get back to me to discuss what she would do as Superintendent to Stop Common Core and she is not returning my calls,” Few noted. “I’ve asked her to get with her campaign advisors to put together a coherent position on this and other issues like school vouchers and a textbook review and have yet to hear back. This is discouraging.”
“If Sally Atwater is not going to run a credible campaign against Molly Spearman, then she needs to step aside and let me give Republicans a clear choice on June 24th,” added Few. “Molly Spearman claims to be a Republican but we all know she is as much a liberal Democrat as she’s always been. If Molly Spearman wins this election, she will implement Common Core and force Obama’s nationalized curriculum on every child in South Carolina public schools. That is an unacceptable alternative.”

“I am urging Sally to step aside, if not for the

Sheri Few Announces List of Endorsements

National Endorsements
Eagle Forum Phyllis Schlafly and the Eagle Forum Political Action Committee
Family Research Council Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council’s Political Action Committee
Concerned Women of America Penny Nance and Concerned Women for America’s Legislative Action Committee
The Honorable Michele Bachmann Minnesota Congresswoman & 2012 Presidential Candidate
Richard Vigeurie Conservative Icon & Creator of Conservative HQ.com
Grandparents Rights Association Grandparents Rights Association of the United States of America
Donna Hearne Former Reagan Appointee to the U.S. Department of Education
Ginni Thomas Liberty Consulting/Daily Caller
Becky Norton Dunlop Former Senior Staff Member of the Reagan Administration
Daniel Bostic Actor/Model & Staff Member for US Senator Tim Scott
Alice Linahan Women on the Wall & Leader Against CSCOPE in Texas
State Endorsements
The Honorable Larry Grooms SC Senator & Primary Sponsor of Common Core Repeal Bill
The Honorable Bill Chumley SC House Member & Primary Sponsor of Obamacare Nullification Bill
Dr. Bob Taylor Greenville County Council Chair & Former Dean of Bob Jones University
Pastor Rick Joyner Moringstar Ministries & Oak Initiative
Russ Cassell Greenville Media Icon
Harry Kibler RINO Hunt & Radio Talk Show Host
Dr. Huey Mills SC Association of Christian Schools President
Patsy Stewart SC Eagle Forum President
Phillip Bowers EOC Member, Former State Board of Education & Pickens County GOP Chairman
Julie Hershey Former EOC memeber, & Greenville School Board Trustee
Zan Tyler SC Home School Leader & Curriculum Author
Dr. Buddy Witherspoon Former SCGOP Executive Committeeman & Lexington GOP Chair
Dr. Christina Jeffrey SC Association of Scholars President
Dr. Rober Jeffrey Wofford College Professor
Dr. Henry Jordan Fromer State Board of Education Member
Evan Mulch Mulch Business & Leadership Center Director
Debbie Myers SC Education Activist
County Endorsements
Jack Hatfield Columbia Conservative Activist
Laurens County Tea Party Laurens County Tea Party Voted Unanimously to Endorse
John Hull Summerville 9.12 Project Chairman
Dianne Belsom Laurens County Tea Party President
Deb Marks Richland County GOP Executive Committeeman
Janice Caldwell Kershaw County GOP Chairman
Shelby Price Kershaw County Executive Committeeman
Stephen Brown Former Greenville County GOP Chairman
Roger O’Sullivan GCPIE Chair & Charleston GOP Treasurer
Diane Hardy Greenville Tea Party Steering Committee
Alex Zelling SC Association of Independent and Home Schools  Board Member
Nikki Trawick Richland County GOP Activist
Bobby Chandler Horry County Teacher
R. Josiah Magnuson Upstate Conservative Activist
Sherri Timmerman GCPIE, Charleston County GOP
Larry Bateman Spartanburg Political Activist
Stacy Shea Greenville County GOP & Tea Party Activist
Chris Lawton Greenville Tea Party
Bill Rhodes Greenville Tea Party
Camille Noonan Myrtle Beach Tea Party & GOP Activist
Johnnelle Raines Pickens County Conservative Activist & Veteran Teacher
John & Alice Yoder York County GOP Activist
Kathy Sullivan York County GOP Activist
Rachel Cambre Lexington County Stop Common Core Leader
Donna Holder Pickens County Conservative Activist
Jim Hargett SC Political Activist
Brooke Rohleder Veteran Educator Cheraw County
Ken Horbinski Pickens County Conservative Activist
Junius Smith Pickens County Conservative Activist
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Pratt Anderson County
Patricia Taylor Conservative Activist
Patricia Gresham Simpsonville Activist
Mary Avis Becker Tea Party Activist
Linda Hostetler Pickens County Conservative
Alvin F. Jones Pickens County Taxpayer Association
Claude & Sunny O’Donovon Republican Volunteers of the Year 2010
Vic & Patsy Dabney Kershaw County Activists
Benji and Krystal Catoe  Kershaw County Activists
Phillip Fuller Lexington County GOP Activist
Dianne Cornett Richland County GOP Activist
Rev. & Mrs. Bob Slimp Richland County GOP Activist
The Wackers Richland County Activists
Bud & Terrye Godown Richland County Activists
Wendy Lipe York County Activist
Kay Bevins Lake Wylie/York County Activist
Althena & Joel Rivera Rock Hill GOP Activists
Junius Smith Pickents County Conservative
Patriciat Taylor Mauldin Conservative Activist

Few Will Not Be Attending “Read to Succeed” Bill Signing

COLUMBIA – Republican Education Superintendent candidate Sheri Few will not be attending today’s bill signing ceremony for the “Read to Succeed” legislation, calling the new law a massive expansion of state government that fails the cost-benefit analysis and may actually harm instead of help students.

“I respect the Governor’s concern about poor reading scores among some students and I appreciate the renewed emphasis on phonics,” Few said.  “But this legislation attempts to address some students reading problems through a big government Common Core-aligned program that adds a new and wholly unnecessary layer of bureaucracy.”

“Also, the decision to add a massive pre-K expansion to this legislation to buy Democratic votes in the Senate has turned a bad bill into a taxpayer nightmare,” Few added.

“The bill creates a new office within the Department of Education focused solely on reading and it’s the kind of unnecessary micromanagement of local school districts that stifles innovation and costs taxpayers dearly,” she said.

“The law expands standardized testing, including psychological evaluations, to children as young as four years old and is an affront to parents,” Few added.

“Instead of more layers of government, South Carolina needs to pass a school voucher plan that will give parents the right to choose what kind of education is best for their child.  The marketplace and not government is the best way to improve public education.”

Bachmann Joins National Conservative Leaders Backing Sheri Few’s Campaign

– Only Sheri Few will Stop Common Core!


WASHINGTON DC: Republican Education Superintendent candidate Sheri Few today added Congresswoman Michele Bachmann to a growing list of national conservative endorsements for her candidacy.

“Sheri Few is a courageous woman who has led the fight against Common Core in South Carolina and whom I am honored to endorse for State Superintendent of Education,” Bachmann said in a statement released by the Few campaign.

“I got to know Sheri through my own campaign and it was a privilege to have her on my team. But that’s not why I’m supporting Sheri Few. Sheri’s plan to take back South Carolina’s public schools from an overreaching federal government is a model for the rest of the nation to follow. The idea of replacing Common Core with free market concepts like vouchers and tax credits for private school parents and those who choose homeschooling options will increase school choice and parental rights,” Bachmann noted.

“Sheri deserves the vote of every parent and every taxpayer concerned about the nationalization of our public schools through Common Core and the politically correct approach to education that threatens our next generation. As Education Superintendent, Sheri’s positive solutions will help equip our children with the tools for success through a high quality education. Her leadership is sorely needed now,” concluded Bachmann.

Few is running in a crowded field in the June 10th Republican Primary.  A runoff will be held on June 24th if none of the candidates win a majority next Tuesday.

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Rick Joyner, of MorningStar  Church, endorsed Sheri Few for Superintendent of Education.

Rick Joyner, of MorningStar Church, endorsed Sheri Few for Superintendent of Education.


 FORT MILL: Conservative evangelical Pastor Rick Joyner threw his support behind Sheri Few’s candidacy for Education Superintendent today, saying the anti-Common Core activist from Lugoff will fight political correctness in education, particularly with regard to left-wing bias in science and history standards.

Pastor Joyner added that Sheri’s willingness to speak out in favor of allowing both evolution and intelligent design theories to be taught side-by-side in public schools shows “true courage” and is proof that she “will lead the fight that needs to be fought against political correctness in schools. She will stand up against those who want to airbrush out of our history books the Founding Fathers and others who do not fit a liberal view of what our leaders should be. it’s essential that committed Christians and all people concerned about education get out in big numbers on June 10th to support Sheri Few for Education Superintendent,” Pastor Joyner added. “Sheri supports school vouchers as a way to permit families fed up with our failing public schools to choose private school alternatives or even homeschooling.  That’s real school choice and Sheri’s election in the June 10th Republican Primary is the first step.”

National Women’s Group Endorses Sheri Few




National Conservative Women’s Group Endorses Sheri Few for South Carolina State Superintendent of Education

Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee (CWALAC) has announced its endorsement of Sheri Few in the 2014 South Carolina State Superintendent of Education race.

Sheri Few is a true conservative who will fight to uphold and defend the core educational principles of CWALAC in the state of South Carolina.  As founder of the grassroots organization South Carolina Parents Involved in Education (SCPIE), she has sacrificed much to defend her state’s sovereignty against the overreach of the federal government.  For years, she has boldly led the fight to block the implementation of the Common Core State Standards throughout South Carolina.

Sheri’s stated goal in running for election is to stop Common Core and replace it with truthful, objective curriculum texts as well as stronger assessments and effective classroom strategies.  Sheri is committed to upholding state’s rights, supporting parental authority, and fostering the development of excellent education at the state and local level which CWALAC appreciates.  The principles undergirding Sheri’s proposed actions are in line with what CWALAC sees as the proper function of the State Superintendent of Education.

“Endorsing Sheri Few for Superintendent of Education was an easy decision,” said Penny Nance, CEO of CWALAC.

“We are confident in Sheri’s ability to continue standing with the people on issues as important as education reform and parental rights and believe she will continue to put the needs of parents and students over bureaucrats.”

Spartanburg Lawmaker Bill Chumley Endorses Sheri Few

Rep Chumley Endorsement of Few 5-30-12

A Spartanburg Republican lawmaker endorsed Sheri Few for superintendent of education on Friday.

“Sheri Few has led the fight against Common Core in South Carolina and has also been outspoken against plans to force school districts to merge, allegedly in the name of efficiency,” said Rep. Bill Chumley “Her leadership is the reason why the legislature passed the new law giving the next Superintendent the power to replace Common Core with something else.”

Few is the head of South Carolina Parents Involved in Education and one of eight Republican candidates for superintendent in the June 10 primary.